stephanie ingraham

Stephanie Ingraham, the founder and owner of siyo, is a modern renaissance woman. She is a mystic, a published poet, an award winning illustrator and graphic designer, an extraordinary and life-changing spiritual teacher and a powerful intuitive healer. Stephanie is a master of an intensive bodywork that she developed. Above all Stephanie’s charisma and glow comes from her deep and soulful love of life. Stephanie taps into her unwavering intuition to bring clarity to her own life and to her sessions with clients.

As an intuitive healer and bodyworker, Stephanie is able to locate and help her clients release both physical and emotional pain. Her Bachelors in Fine Art from Fontbonne College, set the stage for Stephanie to develop and grow her beautiful and balanced graphic design work.

Stephanie is bursting with talent and grace. She is tapped into her intuition and she creates amazing results with the clients she works with.

siyo means hello

Stephanie Ingraham, the founder of siyo, chose the name siyo, because it is an opening.  Siyo is an expression of what is possible. In the Cherokee language there are several ways to say hello and siyo (pronounced: see-yoh) is one of them. A more traditional way to say hello is O'siyo (pronounced: oh-see-yoh).

Siyo is always growing, shifting and changing. Stephanie follows the energy. Through all types of products and services siyo is creating space for healing and growth in clients and businesses. This thread of opening is in all that siyo does. Stephanie has gifts that are pure magic.