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Growing up, my Father was and is a wonderfully talented artist. He is a painter. I went to collage with him and we studied together. He taught me, from a very young age, how to see. I grew up and I am still grateful for that "eye" as my Dad would say. Painting is a gift. When I paint I allow the painting to fall from my brush.

soul portraits
Through my intuition I create a beautiful portrait with color and the energy of my client. Please email for more information and pricing. This is a wonderful and very personal gift to loved ones.
To illustrate is to say it in a picture. Either in a children's book or in your company's year end report, illustration is usful to tell the story. It is important to capture the meaning in the image. Norman Rockwell was a master at this. He made people 
feel with his illustrations.

I designed and illustrated the children's book Shannon and the Perfect Rainy Day Birdhouse. It is a great book for kids. Here is a link to buy the book: Shannon and the Perfect Rainy Day Birdhouse

All illustration and paintings are priced per project, just send an email for a quote.


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