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I am so excited that you are here.

This is my blog. Find out more about who I am on the about page.

I have been writing for a while now, a short piece here and a short piece there. I write poems and how I feel. I deconstruct programs and ideas through my writing. Now I have this place, this blog, to share these ideas, thoughts, poems, paintings and so much more. I can not wait to see how this blog forms and shapes around what I have to say.

I have another blog dedicated to graphic design and branding.


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I would love for you to check out my website.

I do some cool things.

One of my favorite things that I do... creating. In my design business, that is very hands on. I create logos and website, but in my healing work it is more subtle. I can create a space for clients to shift, or I can create a way to move an energy block. It is all comeing from inspiration and my intuition.

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