brand development

In my intuitive healing work I help shift my clients into balance and alignment. When those clients are in alignment, things feel right and healthy. This is the same for any business. When a business is in alignment with their brand then things flow in their business and productivity, profits and clients increase.

You would be amazed at how the energy of things can effect a business.

1.     What are you selling? Is it a service? A product? Or Both? Your brand should be able to represent all of your products and services.

2.      Do you have a logo? Does the logo have the correct feeling and style to match your products, services, the name of your business, your customer and your message? This sounds like a lot, but it really is face of your business. If your logo does not match your brand customers can feel this.

3.     Who is your customer? This question is not intended to limit your customer base. It is more about making sure that your brand represents and resonates with your customer. For instance: Your product is girdles for 65+ women, then the a hot pink skull and crossbones logo would not be a good fit.

4.     What is the message you want to convey? Your brand is a message too. When a customer sees your logo, your products or experiences your services you are leaving an imprint on them. When your brand is in line with your message your customers may not be able to describe it but will feel like everything just fits. When the message is off your customer can feel this as well and might describe it as an unpleasant experience.

5.     Does the name of your business represent your brand? It may seem like this question is not necessary, but in fact it can be. Consider a business that develops clear concise content and their business name has 18 words? Would you consider them for writing your clear content?

6.     Is there a consistency to your logo, marketing materials and product packaging? When all of these pieces are well coordinated with your brand there is a consistency and customers will be able to spot your products. There will be a familiarity. Often customers resonate with familiarity more than price. They will assume quality when a brand is strong. When a customer sees that the logo and website do not match they may feel more likely to shop somewhere else, because they may feel that the inconsistency will show up in the product and service.

What are your answers? 

Schedule a brand development consulting session today. In these sessions I look at these questions together with my intuitive skills to see what adjustments can be made to shift your business into alignment with success!

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