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Stephanie's Intuition Classes

Do you want to tap into your intuition?

Are you curious about the chakras?

Do you want to connect with your guides and tune into what they are saying?

Do you have curiosity about how to heal yourself?

In this intuition classseries, Stephanie will teach basic to advanced classes to tune into your intuition.


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Introduction to Energy

Stephanie will teach, demonstrate and help participants feel and tap into the energy around us. This is a fantastic class as an introduction to different kinds of energy and how to notice the energy around you.

Chakra Meditation

Chakras are amazing! Stephanie will walk through our 7 main chakras giving a description and discussing how they work together in our bodies. She will then facilitate a meditation to connect with our chakras. She will finish this 2 hour class by giving some tools to notice and work with our own chakras to keep them in balance.

Continuing Intuitive Connection

This continuing class is focused on teaching students how to connect to their own intuition. Class topics include; learning to feel energy, connecting to your body, connecting to your emotions, self confidence, anxiety, intuition in your relationships.