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Trusting our intuition and speaking our truth is powerful and comes from deep within. In our homes, growing up, we learn to speak the words of our parents, teachers and community. We learn that it is better to do it right, than to do it our way. We learn to hide our true voice and live our lives through the voice of others.

The intuitive self series is all about bringing you back to your voice, to bring you back to trusting your intuition. When you learn to listen, feel and see your truth, you trust it. You can speak confidently and stand in your own true power. Standing in your truth feels like coming home.

intuitive self mentorship

The intuitive self mentorship is about learning and unlearning. In personal sessions you will learn many tools and concepts that can lead you to living in your truth and trusting your voice. You will learn how to put ideas, programs and beliefs up against your truth. You will learn how to unlearn programs, ideas and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

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Intuitive Self  mentorship

intuitive self learning series

The learning series are drop in classes gently guiding you to your truth. Through classes about metaphysical and spiritual topics you are given tools to find your intuitive voice.

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Intuitive Self - Learning Series

intuitive self intensive

The Intuitive Self Intensive. This is a 4 hour intense healing workshop.

When a group comes together with the intention to shift, heal and expand... awesome things happen!

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Intuitive Self - Intensive

Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words about your expierence working with Mentor and Teacher Stephanie Ingraham

"I arrived seeking to resolve the conflict I felt between a religion filled with mystical events of burning bushes, angelic messages, and miraculous healings and a church that decries exploration into the metaphysical as occult. Stephanie is illuminating the way through questions, shared experiences, and Divine guidance where I can be grounded in both the metaphysical and the spiritual. Through shared insights from studying many modalities, she opens the possibility of tapping into Divine guidance that is deeply personal. I was hoping for resolution, but I am finding strength and improvement in all sorts of unexpected areas of my life: relationships, health, stress management, and intuition. Stephanie taps into the information in energy like most people can get from a book – but it’s more than that. She heals people through connecting and feeling their energy, like a restorer working on a house. I did not believe that I could learn that skill, and it has been quite exciting watching the class develop their intuition and healing skills!"

Elizabeth M. 

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