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Standing in Your Truth Mentorship

This Mentorship is a commitment to your own personal and spiritual Development. In a mentorship with Stephanie, you will learn to identify, trust and listen to your intuitive voice and senses. We are all intuitive. Often as children and throughout our lives we are told that we need to believe what we are told. We can be shamed and punished for speaking our truth. We can be taught not to listen to our intuitive voice and our senses. This intensive mentorship is intended to create a safe, caring environment for you to learn how to trust your intuition and your own voice.

The study will dive right in, with learning about yourself. You will continue to dive deeper into your own abilities and learn how to be conscious of the information and energy around you. As the program progresses, you will go deeper into programs, belief systems and the beliefs of everyone around you. The mentorship will get uncomfortable. You might find yourself feeling like you are walking out in the world untethered to your old life. You will walk right into your fears and pain. You will make friends with your secrets and your self loathing. This is a process of uncovering your truth.

This mentorship with Stephanie will shift your life. Stephanie will bring a neutrality and peace to this process. She has the capacity to let you have your experience. She is your guide, walking with you. She has a way of seeing all angles and perspectives, so she can help you honor what you are seeing to be true for you. Her deep sense of ease and space is a welcome environment to reconnect with yourself. She has a vast understanding of your learning style and can work with you exactly where you are. If you are called to find your way home to yourself, you will want Stephanie as a guide.

Mentoring is tailored for you. We will put a mentorship plan together for you.Mentoring can be in person, in Stephanie's Denver, CO office or through video conferencing anywhere in the world!
Email Stephanie at or call 303-913-1856 with questions.