Stephanie Ingraham   303-913-1856

intuitive session

In an intuitive session I connect with you. Through this connection, I receive information and will ask questions, flow energy and/or share my noticing. These sessions can be very powerful in opening, shifting and growing. 

intuitive energy and bodywork session

Your body is always communicating. Every ache and pain is a message. I interpret what the body has to say. I translate this information while helping you shift and release the energy that causes both emotional and physical pain. I can see emotional pain, chronic physical pain, illness and spiritual awakening. 

intuitive spiritual session

Our thoughts create our reality. This is described as the law of attraction. By shifting what we perceive and taking responsibility for the ideas and beliefs we have, we can change the course of our lives. In an intuitive spiritual session I will look closely at your ideas and beliefs. Through my abilities to see energy, patterns and pain, I can help you shift out of limiting beliefs. This opens you up to create more joy and lightness in your life.

business intuitive session

I will intuitively look at you and your business. Often we can get in the way of the success of our business. I will help to uncover blocks, fears and programs that keep you from growing and expanding your business. By phone or in Person.

home and office clearings

I will clear the energy in you home or office. We will set intentions for what you want in your space. Often the home or office clearing is working on your energy as well. Are you trying to sell your home? When we live in our homes we leave an energetic imprint on our house and potential buyers can feel this.

Email Stephanie at to set up phone or in person session.
Intuitive session - always free 30 minutes and/or by donation
Intuitive Energy and Bodywork Session - $125 p/h
Intuitive Spiritual Session - $125 p/h
Business Intuitive Session - $150 p/h
Home and Office Clearing - $150 p/h (2 hour minimum)