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intuitive energy and bodywork session

Your body is always communicating. Every ache and pain is a message. I interpret what the body has to say. I translate this information while helping you shift and release the energy that causes both emotional and physical pain. I can see emotional pain, chronic physical pain, illness and spiritual awakening. In person is preferred.

intuitive spiritual session

Our thoughts create our reality. This is described as the law of attraction. By shifting what we perceive and taking responsibility for the ideas and beliefs we have, we can change the course of our lives. In an intuitive self session we will look closely at your ideas and beliefs. Through my abilities to see energy, patterns and pain, I can help you shift out of limiting beliefs. This opens you up to create more joy and lightness in your life.

business intuitive session

I will intuitively look at you and your business. Often we can get in the way of the success of our business. I will help to uncover blocks, fears and programs that keep you from growing and expanding your business. By phone or in Person!

home and office clearings

at your home or office I will clear lingering energy and help set intentions for what you want in your space. Often the home or office clearing is working on your energy as well. Are you trying to sell your home? When we live in our homes we leave an energetic imprint on our house and potential buyers can feel this. On average homes have sold within 2 weeks after my house clearings. Yes it is quite amazing!

I do not charge for personal intuitive sessions, you are welcome to make a donation if you feel called to do so.
Email to set up phone or in person session.
Business Intuitive Session - $125 (1 hour)
Home and Office Clearing - $175 (up to 2 hours and includes travel up to 15 mile radius)

Session Prepay Options

A Poem, By Stephanie Ingraham

My hands move across, over the body, detecting. Just like the reading of brail, my hands pick up exactly what they need to. My hands move back and forth over the shoulder. There is more to find there. My hands sway and circle, like washing a pot, clearing away what is in the way, allowance of the energy to be read. I see with my hands that there is sadness buried deep inside. The tissue is tight and ridged.  My hands work and work, softening, so the hardness releases the nugget of pain and the nugget of pain can come to the surface. My hands move back and forth again, looking, seeing, finding more, the why, maybe the situation. The pain is softening. I find it. Closer, the sadness is with her sister. She sees that she must take care of her. As the words come from my mouth, asking if she is ready, ready to release her, my hands are unfastening. I can see all the tangles and the pieces of this wanting to help her. The sister has MS, Multiple Sclerosis. It can seem so sad, but my hands make it gentle. My words make it love. My hands work so softly, gently helping her release. The shoulder feels softer now. The tightness is just a memory. She cries. She knows there is so much love for her sister. So much more allowance to see her sister. My hands still working as she cries. This is never a goodbye. This is always a way to love more, to give more, to receive more. When we can release. My hands are mending now. Working with the tissue, smoothing it, allowing the energy, the light and the love come in, to patch where she held so tightly to her sister. The crying softens and the shoulder feels loose. The tightness is a memory; range of motion and feeling is restored. My hands move on, looking, searching, like reading brail, I see with my hands.