Stephanie Ingraham   303-913-1856

Participate in an extraordinary class that sets the space for healing and learning.

Stephanie welcomes participants to learn while she performs a healing on audience members.

Do you want to tap into your intuition?

Are you curious about the chakras?

Do you want to connect with your guides and tune into what they are saying?

Do you have curiosity about how to heal yourself?

Stephanie uses the body as her intuitive tool. She connects with the energy and can translate what the body is saying. She welcomes attendees to come up to her table for a healing. As she works she will share her gifts, ask questions and invite participants to be part of the healing. The space that Stephanie sets is powerful, you will feel like you walked into joy brought to life. Healing will take place, tears will flow and pain will be transformed and released.


My Home

1201 E 85th Pl, Denver CO 80229



3 session: $90

10 session: $250

Prepay Options

Please show your paypal receipt when arriving to the workshop.

Workshop Itinerary

doors open

Stephanie will energetically open the space, you are welcome to participate or mingle

Welcome and Introduction

Stephanie will welcome participants and teach how she sets the space. She will go on to give an introduction of herself and her gifts. She will share information on the chakras and will share about other things that may commonly come up in healings.

1st healing

Stephanie welcomes one of the participants from the audience to come up for a healing. She will welcome the participant to lay down on her table. Stephanie accesses her gifts of healing and works her magic and she will share the information with the audience. You are welcome to ask questions and she may invite you to come up and "feel" or "see" what she is doing.

You can email Stephanie directly at if you are interested in being a healing participant - please give the date or dates of your attendance. 


2nd Healing

Questions and Energetic Space Closing

October Workshop Dates

Thursday October 11th from 6:30-8:30PM - doors open at 6PM

Friday October 12th from 1:30-3:30PM - doors open at 1PM

Sunday October 14th from 2-4PM - Doors open at 1:30PM